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Taylor's Traditional Products are located in Woburn Sands in Buckinghamshire. Our customers are based around the country, from Chesterfield down to Andover.
For general enquiries please call us on 01908 238 700 or email us at
We’re always here for our clients and pride ourselves on great, personalised customer service.


"My ‘Taylors’ addiction still persists, I fear there is no cure!"
Jeremy - Colchester

"Thank you for your speedy delivery of the mustard order. It arrived an hour ago.  Once again many thanks. I shall be in touch with you again when our supply runs out!"
Mary - Worcestershire

"Those little ‘jars of gold’ are safely ensconced in my kitchen.  What an amazing fine service you offer and deliver.  And so very fast. So, thanks again and I look forward to enjoying and sharing these fine gems with friends and family; and, maybe, mostly ‘me’."
Patrick - Palm Springs

"Having grown up with Taylors mustard and living near Newport Pagnell where the family lived and the mustard was produced, I cannot find a mustard to match it."
Barbara - Buckinghamshire

"I would like to thank you for the excellent service."
Robert - Neath, Port Talbot

"This is the only mustard my husband likes."
Valerie - Bedfordshire

"My only reason for writing to you is to express how much I enjoy your mustard. I first bought a jar of it only a few years ago. It is now something I would be horrified if I did not have available in our kitchen. Over time the mustard has become my go to ingredient, from spreading on my ham in a sandwich to being the key to my cheese sauce to being the thing I introduce to a stew or a range of other sauces to give them more depth and intensity. No other English mustard matches it (nor any other for that matter). If I chose to stockpile anything, it would be your mustard."
John - UK

"We do love the mustard and have been using it when we can buy it, since living as teenagers near it’s origins at  Newport Pagnell 😊 Also with my husband having served in the Royal Navy, it has those historical connections."
Jean - Kent

"I was born 4 miles from Newport Pagnell and have liked Taylors Mustard since the first time I tried it."
Alan - Wolverhampton

"I'm running perilously low on Taylors Mustard…"
Terri - Kent

"I would like to purchase your delicious English Mustard, … I am suffering Withdrawal Symptoms without your product. Please, please, please tell me that you can supply my needs as I am getting desperate for a fix of its tangy smoothness!"
Mick - Coventry

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